• Why is Minimalist Home Design So Popular?

    Have you ever thought, why minimalist home designs have become very popular from year to year? Moreover, many ideas and offers of furniture have emerged that support consumers to home design in this style.


    A clean, reductive, neat, monochromatic, simple home design line with the term less is more is a concept that often comes up when thinking about minimalist design. However, what is minimalist design? Minimalist design Main Designer at B Interior Sharon Blaustein explains that minimalist design is about keeping spaces simple, tidy and highlighting an attractive space architecture, reported by Elle Decor, Thursday (12/23/2021). “The palette is mostly monochromatic and colors are used as accents,” says Blaustein.


    The minimalist design space combines an open floor plan, multiple ways and simple furnishings that are well constructed and comfortable. Going hand in hand with the usefulness of each item, a minimalist design was created to make the space feel more calming, aesthetically pleasing and timeless. The reason minimalist design is so popular Owner Robert Brown Interior Design Robert Brown says that everything in a minimalist design must be functional and add value to the room. “Minimalism allows something other than the space to be the focus. For example, the people in the room or the view from the window may be more important than the decor of the room,” explains Brown.


    Another example is a minimalist condo designed by Brown to give purpose to every use of the furniture. Such as chairs to sit comfortably, tables for drinking and hidden windows to provide views for residents. In line with this explanation, owner Annette Frommer Interior Design Annette Frommer explained that humans don't need so many things because they can live in any space with less stuff. “How many sofas do we really need? How many seats? In reality, we need functionality and practicality that go hand in hand without being overly embellished,” explains Frommer.


    In addition, the minimalist design also provides a calming effect through a well-designed and neat space. The challenges of minimalist design Although it has many benefits, minimalist design also has challenges. One of them is how to make the space look warm and welcoming. Minimalist designs often use a monochromatic color palette that creates a dynamic atmosphere. So it is necessary to combine a minimalist design and related elements appropriately. Not only that, another minimalist design challenge is knowing when to stop designing or adding space. "Just as an artist must stop at some point and not add color or brush strokes, a designer must also know when to stop," concluded Frommer.

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